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Keeping it Clean- and AVIODING the FLU!

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A-Affordable would like to offer some simple steps that can keep you far from this dangerous flu.  It is important to take proactive steps towards keeping your home and vehicle sanitary, as these are the places that you spend a great deal of time.  

A-Affordable Relief Run for Sandy Victims

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Help A-Affordable fill 3 box trucks with donations and we will drive them to the towns of New York that NEED our neighborly help! Make sure to check out our facebook page and BLOG as well as website for updates! Please drop off all donations to any of our ten locations. The trucks will take … More

What is that Turkey Talking About??

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WHAT IS THAT TURKEY TALKING ABOUT? It is that time again. Tomorrow we will gather around the table with family and friends.  We will break bread, enjoy libations,  talk of good times…. and then, most likely,some turkey is going to open his or her mouth and ignite the fire. Yes, we are talking about family and … More

Hey Hey Mother Nature

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    Taking care of Earth is a lot like taking care of our own bodies… if we choose not to, we will breakdown.  Here are some tips that will help you to become more proactive with the safety of our planet.  Take a few new ideas and help your family and neighborhood wise up to … More

Three Reasons You May Need High Risk Auto Insurance

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Are you having problems finding affordable car insurance or obtaining a policy at all? Your driving record may inspire insurance carriers to label you “high risk”. While this does not mean you are uninsurable, you may need to get a special type of auto coverage. What are some errors that could lead to this?   … More

Do You Need to Update Your Policy?

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Massachusetts is hit by an onslaught of natural disasters throughout the year – severe storms, hurricanes, tornadoes, blizzards, flooding. Each of these has the potential of causing damage to your home. This is why many homeowners invest in insurance, to provide compensation for repairs after such events. Your insurance policy may not offer as much … More

Common Causes of Insurance Claims

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Are you deliberating on the usefulness of your insurance policy? When long breaks occur between mishaps, some homeowners begin to wonder why they are still paying their premiums. Below are a few reasons why it is essential to always maintain coverage. Mother Nature is not afraid to unleash her fury across the state of Massachusetts. … More

Are You a High-Risk Driver?

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For some drivers, insuring their auto is harder than normal. This is because insurers have classed them as “high-risk” drivers. What causes some drivers to make this list?   High-risk drivers often have multiple collisions on their records. From fender benders to totaling their automobiles, a number of motor vehicle operators have bad luck behind … More

Last Minute Road Trips!

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There is nothing quite like a road trip to bring family and friends together.  A nice long car ride with games to play and stories to tell will create memories that will last a lifetime.  Here are a few locations you may want to check out for a quick last minute weekend escape.  Please also … More

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