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Condo Insurance

ma condo insuranceAh, the life of living in a condominium. No grass to cut, no snow to shovel, no bushes to trim. While your condo association takes care of these tasks, you need to know that it is still important to protect your condominium or townhouse with insurance.

Condo insurance coverage is unique to condo owners. You may believe the insurance you have through the condo association is sufficient to meet your needs. Not so, unfortunately. Your condo association insurance essentially covers the studs and sub-flooring – and little else.

This means that you need additional insurance coverage for everything from faucets, fixtures, walls, and floor coverings to your furniture, cabinetry, and even your wall coverings. Essentially, any improvements you made to the condo, other than the bare bones of the building, are excluded from the association's condo insurance coverage.

Before you decide to get a quote condo insurance, keep these considerations in mind.

  • What is the association's insurance responsibility?
  • How much insurance coverage do you need for your prized possessions?
  • Do you need actual value or replacement cost?
  • Is additional coverage needed for valuables (antiques, jewelry, electronics,
  • etc.)?
  • Is floor or earthquake insurance a wise investment given the condo location?
  • What kind of liability coverage do you currently have or wish to have?

Once you know what your condo association covers, we can help guide you through the rest.

Of course, your needs will vary according to your stage in life, the possessions you have obtained, the value of these possessions, and your comfort level when it comes to risk.

The one risk you can't afford to take, though, is the risk of going without insurance for your condo altogether.

About A-Affordable Insurance Agency, Inc.

We take great pride in offering affordable condo insurance coverage to meet the needs of condo owners throughout eastern and central Massachusetts. We have served the insurance needs of renters, condo owners, homeowners, and drivers throughout the state since 1984. We're looking forward to the next 30 years of service and beyond.

In addition to insurance coverage for condos, we offer a wide range of insurance products, including the below.

  • Homeowners Insurance
  • Renters Insurance
  • Auto Insurance
  • Flood Insurance
  • Motorcycle Insurance
  • Commercial Auto
  • Business Insurance
  • And more!

Our customers love that they can purchase their insurance over the phone by calling 888-658-3607. Or, you can visit one of our 11 convenient locations so we can answer your pressing insurance questions, help you find the right coverage for your condo insurance needs, and offer a free insurance quote.

We're here to answer your questions and help you get the condo insurance coverage you need fast and at your convenience. Call us today.