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Are you considering the installation of a security alarm system to protect your home from burglary? Enhancing home security by installing security devices is likely to be viewed favorably by your insurer, and may attract discounts that reduce Massachusetts home insurance premiums.

Are you planning to remodel your kitchen? Talk to one of our agents if you are planning to invest in extensive home improvement work. This is because remodeling your kitchen may have implications for your Massachusetts home insurance coverage.

Some people enjoy cooking, while others find it a tedious chore. Whether you love cooking or hate it, you probably spend many hours each week in the kitchen. Home safety experts often name the kitchen as the room in the house where most fires originate, and the kitchen has a number of other hazards.

Standard Massachusetts home insurance provides protection for a number of common risks faced by householders. Standard home insurance includes coverage for damage or destruction of the physical structure of your home and personal possessions, the additional cost of living if the home has to be evacuated while it is being repaired or rebuilt after an insured loss, and liability.

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The planets do not have to be aligned on the third Tuesday of the month along with the accompaniment of a low ocean tide in order for you to get a calculated and estimated insurance rate. Believe it or not, it IS a precise process. It may seem unclear as to what determines your auto insurance rate in MA, so we are going to lay it out for you nice and slow.

Are you tired of seeing the sort of home improvement projects that are portrayed in television programs and featured in glossy magazines? Would you prefer to learn about do-it-yourself projects that are within the scope of your skills and your budget, and don't involve hiring architects, building contractors, or home stylists?

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If you are driving your company vehicle and calling in your meatball sub lunch order, you may want to think twice. Massachusetts is now enforcing the ban on hand-held mobile phones for commercial drivers. So, you may be thinking, what does this mean for me?

The roof of your house is there to protect you from the elements. This important part of your home must be kept in a good state of repair to avoid deterioration and water damage to the building's structure and contents. Keeping the roof well maintained and undertaking roof repairs promptly may help you avoid repeated claims on Massachusetts home insurance for water damage.

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Here we are almost 2012

And A- Affordable would like to say,

Come on down to one of our ten locations

And great rates will make your day.


Our A-Affordable Team is ready to go

With smiles we aim to please

And it's the service that is ever so sweet

It's A-affordable that you need.


We will set you up with an auto policy

And have homeowners ready to go.

If you renting, its not a problem

And there are a few things you should know.


Insurance is important and we want you to be

So very secure in the year to come.

Accidents happen so set yourself up

2012 no worries- just fun!


Have a safe and HAPPY NEW YEAR,

Your Friendly Team at A-Affordable