Do You Rent Your Home?

Blizzard after blizzard.  Is your home insured?

Renters insurance is a must and here are some reasons why.

It is common thought that your items are covered when renting a home…BUT THIS IS NOT TRUE!  It is likely that your landlord has insurance on his property, but this doesn’t include your items!

You can start a renters policy for approximately $20 a month and this typically covers nearly $20,000 in property, hotels and incidentals should disaster happen.  No one plans on disaster.  Disasters just happens.  Multilevel properties are super common in Massachusetts.  Chances are that your home is connected to another unit where you have no control of the circumstances which occur.
One cat’s tail + one candle = fire.

Cold snap + use of clogged fireplaces = fire

We have seen this happen!

Common questions:
How do I purchase renter’s insurance?  This is super easy.   Just call A-Affordable Insurance at 1-800-89 SAVES and get a free quote. If you like what you hear, we can get you set up that day!
How do I know how much coverage to purchase?  We help you with this.  We have been insuring Massachusetts since 1984 and know how to list out the categories to make the process quick and easy!

No one expects disasters to happen, they just happen.  You’ve worked hard for your property, your furniture, appliances, clothes, jewelry, instruments and more.   We are here to keep you covered.  Give a call for a free quote.

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