Fires in the dead of winter.

The roaring ten-alarm, six-alarm and 5 alarm fires that broke out in Massachusetts over the past month serves an eye opener for those without home or renters insurance.  The holiday season will be very difficult for all the displaced people facing these hardships.

What happened:
On December 3rd a massive ten-alarm blazing fire broke out in Cambridge just before 3:00pm and ripped through the neighborhood claiming 16 buildings.  The raging fire rolled through an entire row of vehicles as well.  Approximately 125 people have been displaced from this blaze.  “To me, that’s nothing short of a miracle,” said Assistant Fire Chief Gerry Mahoney.  “If that fire had been in the middle of the night, it would be an whole different story.”

In the early morning of December 16th a 6 alarm fire engulfed a 3 story building.  No one was injured and twenty people were displaced.  The arctic temperatures filled the air making the efforts of the firefighters challenging as the steam was easily confused with smoke.

The North End:
A five alarm fire broke out early Christmas morning at approximately 4:15 am.  No residents were injured though two firemen sustained minor injuries. There were six residents in the building that made it out safely.

Thankfully all fires occurred in the early morning and daytime, had it been nightfall there may have been devastation in loss of life.

Why are home and renters insurance so important?
No one expects tragedy to strike, and when it does, you want to have been as prepared as possible, especially since house fires increase in winter.   According to CAFA “During winter months, heating equipment is the leading cause of home fires.  About two-thirds of home heating fire deaths are caused by portable or fixed space heaters.”  Other common causes leading to house fires include deep fryers, candles, unattended cooking and Christmas trees.

People have come together to help others this holiday season.
Mayor E. Denise Simmons launched a fundraiser for the displaced families with the goal of 500,000 and they have already exceeded the goal.
Not all survivors of the fire had insurance so this money will be needed for day to day needs being clothes, food and shelter.
Two places to donate for Cambridge:

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