Hurricane Irene Damages Parts of Massachusetts

With hurricane season on its way, you should stop by and see a home insurance Massachusetts agent to make sure that your home is covered in the event you are caught in a hurricane this year. Consider the destructive hurricane Irene that battered the east coast in 2011.

Irene claimed more than 56 lives and done nearly 7 billion dollars of in damages in the United States according to statistics on Wikipedia. Irene started as a tropical wave that left the coast of Africa on August 15th. Of the coast of the Cape Verde Islands, it began to produce thunderstorms and underwent a pressure drop. On August 20th, tropical storm Irene was named. By the time it made landfall in North Carolina on the 27th, Irene had been to Category 3 and back. By August 29th, it caused more than 3.1 billion in damages.
Although it had weakened to a Category 1 when it moved into Massachusetts, the storm was still strong enough that a state of emergency was declared. High winds downed trees, snapped moorings, and destroyed power lines. The rain was so heavy the Westfield and Deerfield rivers rose between 15 and 20 feet in a few hours.
With this year’s season predicted to be just as bad, it is best to ensure now that you have the right home insurance Massachusetts in place. Otherwise, you could end up paying for damages out of pocket, which could be extensive. Speak to your insurance agent if you are concerned that your coverage may be inadequate for your financial protection.

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