Last Minute Road Trips!

There is nothing quite like a road trip to bring family and friends together. A nice long car ride with games to play and stories to tell will create memories that will last a lifetime. Here are a few locations you may want to check out for a quick last minute weekend escape. Please also note our tips for traveling to make your trip as safe and trouble-free as possible.

Take a weekend road trip to Massachusetts’ vintage Cape Cod and experience the beautiful seashores that line this wonderful peninsula. Stop along the charming villages for a nibble and quick dip into the ocean. Local artists feature their paintings, woodwork and crafts all throughout the towns. Or head out to Western MA and check out the town that Norman Rockwell was raised. Take a couple nights in Stockbridge, MA and discover the locations where Norman Rockwell found his inspirations.
Take the highway north and head to lush forests snug within New Hampshire. New Hampshire has been home to Purple Finch as well as the great poet John Irving. Find yourself driving Kancamangus Highway,hiking the White Mountains and swimming in infamous Lake Winnipesaukee where On Golden Pond and What about Bob were filmed. New Hampshire is a beautiful state to spend some quality time.

When traveling with guests. You may want to consider raising your liability limits for safety precautions. This short video created by Parenting Today gives a nice checklist for road trips. Click here to view the video checklist. Please note the section where she explains the importance of an emergency kit, baby wipes, toilet paper, water and a flashlight.

Nowadays laptops, GPS components and tablets tend to find themselves in your luggage. Not to worry, your Home Owners Insurance policy will cover these items in case of theft, Mother Nature or damage. Please be sure that your Home Owners and Auto Insurance policies are up to date before heading out to the open roads. Lastly… wear your seat belt!

Have A GREAT Road trip!

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