Reasons Why Your MA Car Insurance Claim Can be Denied

The whole point of getting MA car insurance is that if you need to file a claim, that claim will be paid. But there are situations in which your insurance company can deny your claim because of something you’ve done wrong during the claims process or beforehand, whether it was intentional or unintentional. Here are some reasons why a claim might be denied:

Doctoring your claim: If you make a fraudulent claim and are discovered, your claim is likely to be denied. Common types of insurance fraud include exaggerating the damage caused to a car or the extent of injuries. Others include arranging the theft or destruction of a vehicle.

Filing for compensation you’re not entitled to: This could be just an innocent mistake. A limb falls off a tree and hits your car. You file a claim, but you don’t have comprehensive coverage, so you wouldn’t be covered. Similarly, if you were using your vehicle for business purposes but only had it insured for private use, your claim could be denied.

Letting your policy lapse: If you forget to renew your insurance policy or your policy has been terminated due to non-payment, you won’t be covered.

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