What is Tubular Lighting?

Have you been thinking about fitting skylights to the roof of your home to improve the level of daylight in dark rooms? Roof-mounted windows and light reflecting devices have the potential to enhance the level of lighting in your home but they involve cutting holes in the roof and creating an additional point of access to your home, so it’s important to have this type of installation done by a profession. A storm and a leaky skylight could easily result in a claim on your Massachusetts home insurance.

A skylight introduces light directly into your house, and tubular daylight installation works by reflecting light from the rooftop into an interior space. Tubular daylights have a number of advantages over traditional skylights.

  • Tubular daylights are more flexible than skylights, and can be installed in rooms that do not have direct roof access. It can improve lighting in basements, or in ground floor rooms of two story homes.
  • Tubular daylights can be fitted with dimmers, allowing the amount of light entering the home to be controlled.
  • Tubular daylights are energy efficient; their sealed design minimizes the amount of heat lost in cold weather and gained in hot weather. They also reduce the need for artificial lighting during the day.
  • The installation of tubular daylights does not require major structural changes to the home. It takes only a few hours and does not cause major disruption to household activities.

Will your skylight or tubular daylights be part of a more extensive home renovation? Perhaps now is the time to speak to your agent about revising your Massachusetts home insurance. Your renovation work could increase the amount of coverage you need to cover the cost of re-building your home in the event of destruction.

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