Are You a High-Risk Driver?

For some drivers, insuring their auto is harder than normal. This is because insurers have classed them as “high-risk” drivers. What causes some drivers to make this list?

High-risk drivers often have multiple collisions on their records. From fender benders to totaling their automobiles, a number of motor vehicle operators have bad luck behind the wheel. Why is this? Some show aggressive tendency, which leads them to act carelessly. Others do not understand basic defensive driving techniques. Each wreck makes them a greater liability to insurance providers.

DUIs are also common among high-risk drivers. It is foolish to get behind the wheel while under the influence of alcohol – you are putting yourself and the people around you at risk. Some individuals, however, do not let this fact stop them. DUIs could lead to both license suspension and criminal charges. They also cost insurers big bucks, and that means that having a DUI on your record can cost you big bucks on auto insurance.

Just because you are currently consider a
high-risk driver by insurance providers does not mean you always have to be
one. By making smart decisions behind the wheel, you could prevent future
incidents and have an improved driving record in the future.

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