Common Causes of Insurance Claims

Are you deliberating on the usefulness of your insurance policy? When long breaks occur between mishaps, some homeowners begin to wonder why they are still paying their premiums. Below are a few reasons why it is essential to always maintain coverage.

Mother Nature is not afraid to unleash her fury across the state of Massachusetts.

  • Lighting could strike your home and cause a fire within the walls.
  • The strong winds of a hurricane could blow out your windows.
  • A tornado could cut a trail of devastation through your neighborhood.
  • A nearby campfire could get out of control and create a rapidly spreading wildfire.
  • Severe weather could send a large tree limb flying, which eventually lands on your roof.

Many insurance claims result from the actions of humans.

  • A visitor could trip and break his or her leg on your front stoop.
  • A group of thieves could force their way into your house and make off with your valuables.
  • Teenage vandals could spend Saturday night covering your home’s exterior with graffiti.
  • An arsonist could choose your home as the next target of his or her spree.
  • A friendly game of baseball could lead to the homerun ball crashing through your window.

An insurance claim could happen when you least expect it. The costs of repairs could easily surpass the premium you are charged by your insurer. Keep this in mind the next time your consider eliminating your coverage.

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