Creating a Post-Accident Emergency Kit

The more accidents you have, the more your high risk auto insurance rates may be. Learning to be a cautious and observant driver may eventually reduce your rates. While that might reduce your risk of being involved in an accident, it doesn’t eliminate it altogether.

Despite being careful behind the wheel, you may eventually experience a collision due to the error of another driver. For such occasions, it is smart to have an emergency kit in your trunk, which should include the following:

  • A pen and paper, in this high-tech age, are often forgotten. You never know what you may need to write down – information on the other driver, a license plate should the other car flee, or the names of the attending police officers.
  • What if you cannot walk away from an accident? It is a wise idea to plan for this possibility. In an easily accessible area of your vehicle, such as under the driver’s side visor, you should store a medical information card that includes details of your insurance, allergies and health. Make sure you also include your emergency contact information.
  • Blankets may take up a lot of room but they are always useful, especially during night-time collisions when you could have to wait even longer in the chilly air for the authorities to arrive. Should space be an issue, consider purchasing a pack of Mylar blankets. Mylar is a type of polyester developed by NASA that holds in heat, repels water and folds up to a fraction of its true size.

While it is important to prepare for collisions, it is also vital you do your best to avoid wrecks altogether. You may have a better chance at this by completing a defensive driving course, which could also lead to savings on your high risk auto insurance.

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