Do Condo Owners Need Their Own Condo Insurance in Massachusetts?

Many condominium buildings have their own insurance policy, which often leads residents to mistakenly decide that they do not need coverage as well. While the building’s insurance may pay for damage around the common areas of the complex, condo insurance in Massachusetts is designed to pay for the losses experienced in a private residence.

A condo is very similar to an apartment, except that you are able to make changes to your private rooms. Have you taking advantage of this fact by upping your security measures? The standard door locks do little to stop thieves, which often target apartments and condominiums due to their poor security. You should at least have a deadbolt on every exterior door. When your unit is on the first floor, security bars for the doors could help prevent kick-ins, while rods in the window frames may stop thieves from jimmying them open.
Just like home owners and renters, liability risks are also faced by condo owners. Every time you let a repair technician, neighbor, or friend into your home, you have the chance of experiencing an injury on the premises. Keeping your home clean, de-cluttered, and minimalistic could reduce the odds, but the risk is always present. With insurance, you could be helped with the medical bills and possible lawsuit that follows such accidents.
A seemingly endless number of situations could arise that spotlight the need for condo insurance in Massachusetts – you do not want to be caught without coverage after a disaster. Purchase a policy to prepare for the unexpected.

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