Have You Invested in a Home Fire Extinguisher?

To save money on their home insurance in Massachusetts, many homeowners take active steps to improve safety around the house and to reduce the risk of house fires. It is also important to have measures in place in case a fire does start in your home. Part of doing this might be purchasing a fire extinguisher for your home, but what type should you invest in?

There are actually a few different options available on the market and you should take the manufacturer’s guidelines into consideration when making your decision about which may suit your requirements.
Class A, marked by a green triangle, is designed to work best with fires on regular combustible items, such as paper and cloth.
The red squared class B extinguishers are designed to put out fires based on liquids, like gasoline, for instance.
Devices with a purple circle are class C and meant for electrical fires.
Class D is for combustible metals and features a yellow star. With class K fire extinguishers, which are labeled simply with a large K, you could handle cooking fires.
In addition to obtaining an appropriate fire extinguisher, you might want to consider setting out an evacuation plan for your family in case you do experience a fire. You could consider charting out several ways to safely exit your home should a fire occur. You may also want to consider keeping a copy of your policy for home insurance in Massachusetts in a safe place, possibly offsite, to ensure you have the information you need if the time comes to file a claim.

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