How do I get rated for my insurance policy?

The planets do not have to be aligned on the third Tuesday of the month along with the accompaniment of a low ocean tide in order for you to get a calculated and estimated insurance rate. Believe it or not, it IS a precise process. It may seem unclear as to what determines your auto insurance rate in MA, so we are going to lay it out for you nice and slow.

Whether you are a new teen driver, a high risk driver, commercial motor vehicle operator, or a driver with a stellar record… all drivers are rated the same way.

The following categories are how insurance agencies and companies figure your rate:

  • Age bracket- New drivers lend into 3 years experience into 6 years experience.
  • Type of car- an older vehicle vs. a newer vehicle.
  • Use of the vehicle is important- Personal use vs. professional usage.
  • Theft rate of the garaging location- urban areas tend to be higher then rural areas.
  • Type of coverage- increasing your liability limits and adding Comprehensive and/or Collision will increase your rate.

So the next time you go into an agency to open a policy, you can rest assure that it doesn’t have to be on “Wild Wednesday” coinciding with the chirping flock of pink dotted canaries…. You just need to know that you will receive a fair rate based on the facts… Jack.

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