Beware of kitchen hazards and protect your home with our Massachusetts Home Insurance!

Some people enjoy cooking, while others find it a tedious chore. Whether you love cooking or hate it, you probably spend many hours each week in the kitchen. Home safety experts often name the kitchen as the room in the house where most fires originate, and the kitchen has a number of other hazards.

Massachusetts home insurance may compensate you for loss and damage resulting from kitchen fires and other accidents, but to help you to avoid kitchen mishaps, we have listed a few safety hints:

  • Stay in the kitchen while food is cooking, and check it regularly.
  • Turn off the stove if you have to leave the kitchen.
  • Keep children out of the area where you are preparing food. Enforce a child free zone around the stove.
  • Be careful when using, cleaning, and storing sharp knives.
  • Store cleaning products in locked cabinets, or on high shelves out of reach of small children.
  • Clean spillages of foods and liquids immediately to avoid the risk of slipping on wet surfaces.
  • Use insulated mitts to protect your hands when moving hot containers like baking trays and casserole dishes.
  • Never wear clothing made from highly flammable fabrics, or garments with dangling sleeves, when you are cooking.

Remember these kitchen safety tips. Taking care in the kitchen can help you to avoid cuts and burns, and reduce the risk of kitchen fires and the drama of making a claim on Massachusetts home insurance!

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