Night Riding: Tips for Motorcyclists


It’s that time of year… the weather is getting cooler, pumpkin spice lattes have returned, fall foliage season is just around the corner, the sun is setting earlier and if you’re a biker, riding your motorcycle after sunset is becoming increasingly likely. Most bikers have ridden their motorcycles at night, but it can be extremely dangerous. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, “Forty-eight percent of motorcyclist deaths in 2018 occurred on weekends, and those were more likely to occur after   6 p.m. compared with weekdays.”

While there are a number of hazards to consider when riding at night (ex. animals crossing the road, inebriated drivers, etc.), the number one cause of nighttime accidents is lack of visibility. Contributing to that lack of visibility is not just the obvious scarcity of sunlight, but also impaired depth perception due to fatigue.

To counteract decreased visibility and stay safe on the road try the following:

  • Slow Down. Never out ride your headlights. In other words, if your headlights shine to the tree line, make sure you can stop before you pass that tree line.
  • Get Adaptive Headlights. Standard headlights provide minimal illumination. Adaptive LED headlights provide a much brighter view of the road because he angle of the headlight shifts to illuminate the lane in front of you, not the other side of the road.
  • Visor Wipes. Let’s just say dead bugs, smudges, and dirt can obstruct your vision when riding, even more so, at night. Visor debris refracts the light of oncoming traffic which can in turn inhibit your eyesight. Keeping a pack of visor wipes on your bike can come in very handy.

Most importantly, as we enter into fall, remember to slow down, drive proactively, and check out A-Affordable Insurance Agency for motorcycle insurance coverage you can afford. With locations across Massachusetts and on-site registry service, we’re committed to getting you on the road sooner.

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