Realistic home improvement projects to complete under the protection of our Massachusetts Home Insurance!

Are you tired of seeing the sort of home improvement projects that are portrayed in television programs and featured in glossy magazines? Would you prefer to learn about do-it-yourself projects that are within the scope of your skills and your budget, and don’t involve hiring architects, building contractors, or home stylists?

Let’s look at some realistic projects that could change the look and feel of your home without the need to change its layout or increase the cost of your Massachusetts home insurance:


  • Painting interior surfaces can create illusions, changing the way a room looks without changing its dimensions. Paint ceilings white to make them appear higher, or paint end walls in a darker color than side walls to make a long room seem less narrow.
  • Use paint to alter the mood of rooms. Have you noticed that many restaurants are painted in dark colors? This can create a desire to eat: consider painting your dining room walls in darker shades. Yellows and reds lift energy levels and can be great for children’s play areas, but not such a good choice for sleeping areas.
  • Play with light. Natural light gives a feeling of space and airiness, so consider replacing heavy drapes and blinds with sheer curtains. New light fittings can also help a room to feel more spacious.

Simple projects like these could transform your home. You may be able to make this transformation yourself – without having to engage professional help, review your Massachusetts home insurance coverage, or talk to your bank manager!

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