Removing moss from your roof and keeping it protected with our Massachusetts Home Insurance!

The roof of your house is there to protect you from the elements. This important part of your home must be kept in a good state of repair to avoid deterioration and water damage to the building’s structure and contents. Keeping the roof well maintained and undertaking roof repairs promptly may help you avoid repeated claims on Massachusetts home insurance for water damage.

Check your roof regularly, particularly after hail storms or heavy wind storms. Look for broken or missing shingles and damaged roof gutters or downpipes. Also, check your roof periodically for signs of moss growing there. Moss stops water from flowing off the roof and can cause roof leaks, so it’s important to remove moss before the area grows larger.

Moss can be removed from a roof by washing with a pressure hose, or by applying a proprietary copper sulphate solution to the roof. This work is best done by a professional roofer to avoid damaging the roof covering.

You should think about hiring a roofing contractor if you don’t have the proper equipment or do not have the experience of undertaking roof repairs. Licensed roofing contractors have the necessary skills, experience, and equipment to work safely on your roof and roof gutters. Talk to your insurer or agent before you undertake extensive work on your roof, as your plans may affect your Massachusetts home insurance!

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