Superstorm Sandy Three Years Later


Superstorm Sandy- Three Years Later.
As Hurricane Joaquin took aim at New Jersey in the beginning of October, we reflect on the travesty that took place three years ago.

It is amazing – as some look back, many are still looking forward to the unbelievable damage that Superstorm Sandy had created three years ago.  Vice, media coverage via documentaries and news stories, released an episode on reasons superstorms may originate from as well as the status of New Jersey. Click here to check our the episode.

One of the greatest problems the victims of Hurricane Sandy attained was the sheer magnitude of the storm.  When a storm at such an incredible size strikes, all forces are stressed beyond their means.  The police and firemen are pulled in too many directions in assisting citizens.  When a storm like Sandy side swipes an area, it is up to the neighboring cities and states to bring relief.

So many challenges are faced in the eye of tragedy and basic needs are just the start.
The levels of stress are so high in each town with justified reasons.  Once basic needs are attained and the locals begin to manage on a day to day basis, the next major need then becomes INSURANCE INSURANCE INSURANCE- and the most important question… When does it kick in?

With so many people effected in one main area, insurance companies have much to do in order to release finances to their policyholders.  The insurance companies become strained as estimates must be collected and evaluations of the devastation accumulated which places the victim in a holding pattern.  And to make things worse, the toughest of all insurance topics is FLOOD insurance.  Many agents are not well versed in flood and the policyholders are not even sure the level of coverage they have purchased.  This causes serious confusion and yet another level of stress.

When A-Affordable Insurance Agency first heard of the tragic news, we knew we were close enough to help and large enough, as an agency, to effect.  A-Affordable is a family based business and stands by our employees, customers and now neighboring states in times of trouble.  A-Affordable has eleven locations across Massachusetts and thousands upon thousands of customers along with three box trucks.  We knew that we had the resources to help and so it had begun.

Social media had become a greatest resource in reaching locals who wanted to help fill the box trucks with donations.  We mainly utilized facebooktwitter, and instagram.  Many employees and customers stepped up and brought so many donations helping us to stay connected to our communities and one another.  The owners of A-Affordable Insurance Agency were extrelemy generous in offering finances, donations, the use of their box trucks and paid for trip to help us deliver.

I was to drive the first completely loaded box truck on Saturday December 22nd to a church in Brooklyn on Clinton Street.  Due to traffic and the height of the box truck, I was unable to get to the church by the requested time to drop off donations and so I was sent to a second location.  I parked and found a hotel for the night since it was too late to drop any donations at any location.

Come early morning I met at the second drop spot which was an empty restaurant which was to one day be coffeehouse.  The owner was kind enough to donate the space and put off his business to help the community.  When I arrived on the scene, I introduced myself and explained that I had some donations.  They were kind to ask if I needed help with the boxes.  “Yes”, I replied. “Can I drive my truck around the front?”  Once I opened the back, they were in shock and extremely thankful.  It took six volunteers to help empty the truck and we filled one entire room in the restaurant.

The craziest part to this story was that the original drop spot I was supposed to unload at the previous day had a fire in the church early that morning…all our donations would have been in that church had I not gotten so lost and shown up on time.  We were all in disbelief and very thankful for my knack for getting turned around on those New York roads.

A-Affordable is honored to have assisted one of the many effected neighborhoods of New Jersey in such a time of tragedy.  We wish the victims of Superstorm Sandy safety, health and continued recovery from such a difficult time.

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