Winter Wonderland List

Holiday season is upon us which means we will be spending quality time with friends and family while eating delicious food.  Holiday season also notes that it’s wintertime and, as we all know, weather can play quite a large role in our lives.
There is much to check in on for the seasons to run smoothly.

In order to make winter slide by with ease, A-Affordable Insurance Agency has created a checklist that can help you to weather the season.  Simply use this A-Affordable checkoff list in order to keep your home and autos in tip top shape so you can spend you time and money on more important holiday items.

A-Affordable Winter Wonderland List:

1st and most important, make sure that your auto and renters/homeowners policies are up to date.  You can accomplish this by calling your local agent to review your payment information.  Feel free to save time and learn how to make payments online and over the phone.
double check details of your policy and be confident that you have the level of coverage you desire.  You may want to consider adding collision and comprehensive should you not already have these options on your policy.  Veterans of the northeast are well aware of the effects of snow, sleet and hail can do a number on autos and homes!

Auto (according to
-check tires treads and tire pressure
-keep up to date with fluids (antifreeze)
-check your batteries and make sure they are functional.
-check your brakes
-check your exhaust system for leaks
-make sure your heater and wipers are functinal
-do not leave your auto with a low gas tank to sit through winter.  It is best to have more than 1/4 tank of gas in your tank.
-keep jumper cables in you vehicle through winter.

Home (according to
-check that your gutters are cleaned out and free from blockage
-for those that have attics, make sure they are well insulated and have the appropriate amount of ventilation
-consider purchasing a roof rake.
-remove snow in it’s fresh stage.  It becomes difficult to remove when the fluffy stage changes to a thick ice.
-keep pipes from cracking by running water.
-know where the trees are around your home.
-keep paths clear after a fresh snow.
-keep your heating system running.  The more you shut it off and on, they higher your bill.
-canned foods and water in case of a blizzard.
-hot chocolate, candles and comic books.

According to Property Casualty 360, there tends to be an increase in house fires during wintertime.  Between Christmas trees and increase in fireplace usage, the lighting of candles and high usage of space heaters, wintertime has proven to have an increased number in household fires.
If you do not already have renters or homeowners insurance, we urge you to call for a free quote and start a policy immediately.  Renters Insurance is fairly inexpensive and can have your back in an unexpected situation.

The best way to welcome winter is to take the time to be prepared.  A-Affordable Insurance Agency is ready to help you with all your insurance needs.  Please give a call and our friendly staff will be more than happy to assist you.

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