Three Reasons You May Need High Risk Auto Insurance

Are you having problems finding affordable car insurance or obtaining a policy at all? Your driving record may inspire insurance carriers to label you “high risk”. While this does not mean you are uninsurable, you may need to get a special type of auto coverage. What are some errors that could lead to this?


Major Violation

Major violations typically include DUIs, reckless driving, driving without an active license, ignoring an officer’s efforts to pull you over, leaving the scene of an accident, and vehicular manslaughter. An insurer is likely to consider these things high risk.

Multiple Infractions/Accidents

Minor citations could also affect your insurability if you have multiple in a short period of time. With insurers typically looking at the past three years when calculating rates, drivers with more than a couple minor moving infractions or collisions could be seen as greater liability risks.

Lapse in Coverage

Failing to maintain insurance could also get you categorized as “high risk”. Failing to renew your policy, or pay your premiums, could result in a lapse of coverage. Being blacklisted by a provider might also result in a lapse of coverage. The longer you wait to obtain insurance, the harder it is likely to be to get a new policy.

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