Do You Need to Update Your Policy?

Massachusetts is hit by an onslaught of natural disasters throughout the year – severe storms, hurricanes, tornadoes, blizzards, flooding. Each of these has the potential of causing damage to your home. This is why many homeowners invest in insurance, to provide compensation for repairs after such events. Your insurance policy may not offer as much help as you expect if you fail to keep it up to date. What sort of changes could affect your coverage needs?

  • Many people have decided to renovate their homes instead of taking a chance on the poor housing market that is plaguing this country. It is important to notify your insurer of the changes and additions you make to your house. Each modification to the floor plan could affect the cost of rebuilding after a disaster.
  • Investing in new items for your home, such as flat screen TVs and kitchen appliances, may also affect your insurance needs. Failing to insure big-ticket items could force you to pay for replacements alone.
  • Exterior additions should also be considered. Sheds and aboveground pools are often included in insurance policies because they are easily damaged by severe weather.

You should make a habit of reviewing your policy each year to ensure you are still adequately covered. Should you find yourself lacking in insurance, take the time to purchase additional coverage right away. A disaster could strike at any moment – you do not want to be left footing an extensive repair bill on your own.

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