What to look for in a security alarm and where to find the best Massachusetts Home Insurance around!

Are you considering the installation of a security alarm system to protect your home from burglary? Enhancing home security by installing security devices is likely to be viewed favorably by your insurer, and may attract discounts that reduce Massachusetts home insurance premiums.

Most home security alarm systems are perimeter alarm systems, area alarm systems, or combination perimeter/area systems. We’ve listed some important features to look for when you choose a home security alarm system:

  • Choose a system with exit and entry delays so that you have time to set the alarm as you leave home and deactivate it on your return.
  • Look for a system that is easy for the householder to adjust and test.
  • Choose a system with tamper-proof wiring and controls that cannot be disabled by an intruder.
  • Consider a system with a manual override feature to avoid false alarms.
  • Look for a system that has a monitoring feature to warn you of malfunctions.

It’s important to ensure that you are installing a quality security alarm system that is simple and straightforward to operate and comes with clear instructions and a parts and labor guarantee. Talk to your Massachusetts home insurance provider before you invest in a home security alarm system to be sure of choosing a system that qualifies you for insurance discounts!

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