Remember the refrigerator when remodeling your kitchen!

Are you planning to remodel your kitchen? Talk to one of our agents if you are planning to invest in extensive home improvement work. This is because remodeling your kitchen may have implications for your Massachusetts home insurance coverage.

Planning a new kitchen involves exciting decisions about floor coverings, bench top materials, cabinet colors, and lighting. Your refrigerator is an essential component of your kitchen, and it’s important to give consideration to how your refrigerator will fit into your new kitchen.

The design of your new kitchen should have sufficient space to accommodate your existing refrigerator or any refrigerator that replaces it. Now might be a good time to visit some appliance showrooms and check out the types of refrigerator that are available. You’ll notice that today’s latest refrigerators have many new features and come in a range of sizes, shapes and configurations. Freezer compartments may be beside, above, or below refrigerator compartments. There may also be a pair of French-style doors rather than a single wide door, and some models even have flat screen TVs mounted in the door!

Knowing the size and shape of your existing refrigerator and your potential replacement appliance will help you to design a kitchen layout that works today and in the future. The refrigerators on the market today don’t merely look good. New designs have eliminated many of the wiring and motor problems of older models that gave rise to so many Massachusetts home insurance claims!

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