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Roadside Assistance

NSDMotorClubMayhem happens. When you're on the road that can be a very bad thing.

Flat tires, slide offs, dead car battery, running out of gas, and other emergencies no one really plans for can leave you high and dry, not to mention out a pretty penny if you don't have the right kind of roadside assistance coverage.

We've got your back!

At A-Affordable Insurance Agency, Inc., we understand how important it is to be prepared for all kinds of situations. That's why we've partnered with The Nation Safe Drivers Auto Club to offer a wide range of 24-hour roadside assistance services, including:

  • Emergency Towing
  • Emergency Road Service
  • Emergency Delivery (fuel, oil, water, and other necessary supplies – you are
  • only required to pay supply costs)
  • Emergency Battery Service
  • Auto Rental Reimbursement
  • Lockout Service
  • Rental Car Discounts
  • Routing Services

This isn't any ordinary roadside assistance company that's here today and gone tomorrow either. Nation Safe Drivers Auto Club is a nationwide network that has helped to ensure safe travel for families since 1962.

For most drivers in Massachusetts, roadside assistance is an afterthought. It's not something you typically think about until you need it. Like a good insurance policy, though, it's something you'll be most grateful to have when that moment of need arises.

Whether you've drained your battery charging cell phones, run out of gas while trying to escape your last blind date, or have discovered the true horror of black ice on a lonely country road, your Mass roadside assistance coverage can help you get the help you need no matter what time of the day, night, or wee hours of morning you're out and about.

Pick up your Massachusetts roadside assistance application today at one of our 11 convenient locations in eastern and central Massachusetts. We offer extended hours to make picking up your roadside assistance forms as convenient for you as possible. Then, simply fill out the form and mail it in, along with your payment, in the self-addressed envelope provided. It's that easy!

If you have any questions about roadside assistance, home, or auto insurance, please call A-Affordable Insurance Agency, Inc. at 800-897-2837 anytime up to 8:00 pm to speak with one of our representatives.