Keeping Children Safe Around Your Dog

Do you have a dog? You may consider your pet as part of the family, but it is important that you do not forget it is still an animal. Millions of people are harmed by canines every year. In the event that one of your visitors or a neighbor is bitten by your dog, it may be covered by your home insurance Massachusetts if you have liability coverage, but it may be more prudent to prevent dog attacks from occurring in the first place.

Before you allow children in the neighborhood to play with your pooch, make sure you explain the following safety tips.

  • Do not run away from or at the dog.
  • Do not scream.
  • Be as still as possible when the dog approaches you for the first time.
  • Do not play with the dog when no adult is around.
  • Do not touch the animal when it is eating or sleeping.
  • Do not reach out to pet the dog until it sniffs you.
  • Don’t hit the dog with items
  • Don’t pull tails and ears

While home insurance Massachusetts may offer coverage in some situation, a dog attack on a local child could cost you a lot more than a doctor’s bill and an upset neighbor. The injury could result in a lawsuit, your close-knit neighborhood could be torn apart by the event, and your dog might be euthanized by the authorities. Take the time to properly train your animal before allowing it around other people – and protect your pet against situations where it may be provoked.

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