Signs of an Impending Tornado

Condo insurance Massachusetts should be one of the first purchases you make towards your condo home in MA. The proper coverage could help ensure you are able to repair the residence after a covered disaster, such as a tornado, and replace the destroyed belongings. During a twister, your first thoughts should be of the safety of yourself and your family.

Here are four signs the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration suggest residents look for when at risk for a tornado.

  • A cloud base that is continually spiraling may hint at a twister forming.
  • Be wary of heavy precipitation that is quickly replaced by calm weather – this part of the system is sometimes known as the eye of the storm.
  • Rotating dust or debris beneath a thick bunch of clouds could be a signal of a tornado with no funnel.
  • A loud and persistent rumble that lasts for more than a few seconds may not be thunder. Twisters are often accompanied by roaring winds and the sound may be heard before the wind arrives.

It is vital you move to a safe area if you see any of these signs while a tornado watch or warning is in place. Do not wait until the cyclone actually forms and touches down. It may be too late to reach shelter. You should also not waste time gathering your belongings when it could compromise your safety. With appropriate Condo insurance Massachusetts, you could receive compensation for the personal property lost in the deadly winds.

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