Safety Tips for New Condo Owners

Having your own place is a great thrill, but it is also a big responsibility. A condo can sometimes give you an inflated sense of security, but burglaries occur in condo buildings too so for this and other risks, condo insurance Massachusetts should be obtained. You should also take some basic steps to reduce the threat.

  • Make certain that all entrance and exit locks have been replaced since the previous occupant. You have no real way of knowing how many keys they may have shared over the years, or with whom.
  • Consider entering your home the same way you would (or should) drive – distraction-free. Stay off the phone, have keys ready before arriving at the door, and pay attention to your surroundings. Many thieves look for a distracted target.
  • Remember to list only your last name on a lobby or entrance mailbox. This is also wise for women living alone to avoid being targeted. You might also consider getting an unlisted number. There is a small fee attached from your phone provider, but it may be well worth the cost.
  • Look for a thick, solid door with a peephole. Have reliable locks on all windows and consider the benefits of an alarm system.

Before moving into a new place, always check out the neighborhood. You may want to go as far as speaking with area residents and business owners. Find out the crime statistics from your local law enforcement agency. While you may be able to take steps to prevent crime, the threat is always present. Be sure your condo insurance Massachusetts is always up-to-date to ensure your assets are covered; contact us for more information on coverage.

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