Affordable Auto Insurance Policies for Young Drivers in Massachusetts

If there is a young driver in your home, you know the costs to get them on the road extend beyond the price of the vehicle and gas. Monthly car insurance payments are large enough to take a bite out of anyone’s budget, and the premiums for teens and drivers under the age of 25 can be astronomical.

Since 1984, A-Affordable Insurance has been offering hassle-free and convenient auto coverage options to Massachusetts drivers of all ages. If you are having trouble finding the right policy or have had difficulty making payments in the past, A-Affordable Insurance might be the right insurance partner for you. We work with many providers to find the best auto insurance for teens and young adults at a price you can afford.


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Why Choose A-Affordable Insurance?

Young person driving carStatistically speaking, drivers under the age of 25 are more likely to be involved in an auto accident, engage in distracted or risky driving behaviors, or drive drunk. It is for these reasons many insurance providers shy away from offering auto insurance to teens and young adults under the age of 25. And if they do offer coverage to this class of younger drivers, the monthly premiums are routinely double or even triple what the typical driver would pay. However, at A-Affordable Insurance, we feel much differently. We have developed auto insurance plans specifically designed for teens and young adults, which feature many built-in opportunities for savings and discounts.

How We Save Young Drivers Money

Despite having to pay higher monthly premiums than other drivers, it is still possible for young people to save money on their car insurance. A-Affordable Insurance is proud to offer young drivers and their families discounts for the following: 

  • Good student record
  • Satisfactory driving history
  • Installation of anti-theft devices
  • Limited use of the vehicle

You can also take advantage of additional savings by allowing us to help you install a GPS unit in your child’s vehicle, which will let you track their location and travel speed. The unit also monitors for defensive driving practices. With so many opportunities for savings, it is no wonder we are the most trusted auto insurance provider for teens and young drivers in Massachusetts.

We’ve Got You Covered

The two most important actions young drivers can take to gain more control over their monthly premiums are to maintain a clean driving record and take advantage of discounts offered by their insurance provider. Since 1984, A-Affordable Insurance has been offering innovative auto insurance coverage solutions to young drivers in Massachusetts. If you are interested in learning more about our auto insurance for teens and young drivers, contact us today to get your free quote.

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  • 5 star review  Today my wife Carrie experienced her first time working with A-Affordable Insurance Agency in Leominster MA. Jeremie Abreu went ABOVE & BEYOND your typical customer service. It's nice to see that people really still do care about other humans and treat them kindly and with respect.

    thumb Mike Akin
    September 9, 2021
  • 5 star review  Jeremie was amazing! Helpful, informative, patient and easy on the eyes!

    thumb Lindsey B
    September 1, 2021
  • 5 star review  Michelle informed me my previous policy was ending and gave me the deadline we had to set up a new policy so my insurance would not lapse. She helped in finding me a cheaper policy which still served all my needs. A quick phone call to her and I was able to sign all my documents electronically and get the new policy in place. Super easy, straight forward and really nice to work with!

    thumb Samantha Cox
    August 25, 2021

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